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This is the wiki of Hacking Ecology. We are a community of people with the aim of figuring out how to avert the sixth mass extinction by supporting those that research it with data analyses. Our work is based on the ideals of public data, open source and open science.

As we are not (all) ecologists or conservationists, this is - essentially - a citizen science group: We learn what we need to as we go and we are open to everyone. Our work is somewhat grounded in the hacker ethics: We want to understand the blackbox-like ecosystems of the world in order to avert harm, stabilize and save them. If you want to join, take a look at our current structure. We are currently working on some projects, collecting background information and public datasets. And, if you have some domain-knowledge and an eco-related question, we might be able to help - just look at How to submit a Question.